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Client: X-rite Pantone

X-Rite Pantone has always been an institution and advocate for all things color and consistency. Brands all over the world rely on color correction technology to keep their brand consistent and recognizable on shelves, screens and ads everywhere. However, the process for keeping these records can be cumbersome, and without the assistance of spectrophotometers color can end up incorrect and cost printing agencies in lost time and materials.

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  • UX Design
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Information Architecture
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Wireframing
  • Rebrand
  • UI Design
  • Front / Backend Development
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Existing Tech, New Vision

X-Rite’s latest product, the eXact 2, is an evolution of their first generation instruments with new technology and better user experience. The Exact 2 features a screen that captures what is happening beneath the instrument, allowing users to leverage the powerful measuring engine while also being able to guide the instrument along their swatches.

Color Scanning Tool Embedded User Interface
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Ink, Paper, & People

We established a UX strategy to give users a simple, understandable experience despite the complexity of color management. We defined personas on a scale from novice to expert, which allowed us to focus on our primary users when we reached difficult decision points. To manage this complexity, we laid out unique workflows to allow users simple control of the unique job at hand.

“Nextpoint has been very flexible and willing to take that feedback and work out solutions that can address the concerns without causing a ton of rework for the developers.”

- Pete Jacobs, Firmware Manager

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Expanding Upon What is Possible

When working with firmware and software, design and development work is never truly complete. As X-Rite expands their technology, we have continued working on further iterations of the eXact 2 — maintaining the overall user experience while updating features and functionality.

Software UX UI X-Rite Design TV Suite
Software Design UX UI X-Rite Pantone TV Suite
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Engaging with Development

Great design is the roadmap for a successful experience, but it requires a team to realize and implement. We collaborated closely with X-Rite’s development team to provide guidance and conduct agile reviews as we worked through problem areas. We delivered iterative solutions to issues as they arose, adjusting the design to accommodate for anything that would prevent a best-in-class user experience. We provided screen examples, flow maps, and other documentation on how users would be onboarded, connected to a network, and set up to create their job workflows. We delivered a stream of assets and specs in real time, allowing developer agility and quick implementation of new iterations.

Printing Press eXact 2 In Use
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We Are Your Team

Nextpoint Design is a firm focused on collaboration. From strategy to implementation, we smoothly integrate into your team and workflow, allowing for more ideas and better solutions to meet your goals. We are experts in translating your technologies and vision into world class experiences that both users and stakeholders love. Let’s connect on how we can help with your project.