The Project

Embedded UI & Software Suite

X-Rite Pantone has always been an advocate for all things color and consistency. Brands all over the world rely on their color correction technology to keep their brand consistent and recognizable on shelves, screens, and ads everywhere. The process for keeping these records can be cumbersome, and without the assistance of spectrophotometers, color can fail to match brand guidelines.

It’s important for us to understand our client’s business and their vision. Their goals become our goals as we strive to empower them with our expertise to overcome obstacles, both big and small.

Color Scanning Tool Embedded User Interface
Embedded UI Screen Example
Embedded GUI screen

Nextpoint Key Services

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UI Design

Front / Backend Development

The Problem

Existing Tech, New Vision

For X-Rite’s latest product, the Exact 2, they needed to update their first generation instruments with new technology, new features, and better user experience. Printing presses around the world were already using the first-generation Exact, so X-Rite needed to make meaningful improvements while maintaining functionality that users relied on.

The Solution

Ink, Paper, and People

We worked closely with X-Rite to understand their users and iterate on their product. Outlining personas that spanned from novices to experts allowed us to navigate difficult decision points with all users in mind and journey maps helped us define the flow of device interaction. Our process allowed us to deliver a stream of assets and specs in real time, allowing developer agility and quick implementation of new iterations.

The Results

Expanding the Possible

As X-Rite expands their technology, we have continued working on further iterations of the Exact 2 – maintaining the overall user experience while updating features and functionality. Our iterative process and close collaboration with developers means when problems arise we can swiftly engineer a solution to maintain X-Rite’s best-in-class user experience.

Handheld device with embedded screen on workbench