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Patient observation consumes a vast majority of man hours in any given hospital. This is a necessary practice in prevention; every year between 700,000 and 1 million accidental falls happen to patients hospitalized in the US. Falls, especially in the elderly, can lead to significant trauma and sometimes death. Hospitals don't always have the staff to watch all their patients diligently, and that's where AvaSure comes in. With their observation technology, a single nurse is able to watch several patients all at once and intervene when needed.

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Reducing Risk, Increasing Efficiency

We helped AvaSure prove the effectiveness of ORNA by ensuring interested parties like hospital owners could easily access and understand their metrics.

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Adapting Software For Every Hospital

Every hospital is different, facing different problems and serving different demographics. ORNA is built to be adaptable, so no matter the population of the hospital, users compare the most relevant data to improve injury statistics.

Making heavy data digestible is crucial for good UX.

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Taking Care Of All Users Involved

ORNA isn't just about the observer, the end product is ultimately the care and safety of at-risk patients. We hope that creating a product like this improves the ability for workers to do their jobs, creating a more safe and healthy experience for the patient.

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Finishing Strong

We love seeing great products come to fruition, and this was a classic example of Nextpoint working side by side with AvaSure to see a product through to the end. Collaboration is a cornerstone to our process, so being involved and supporting the process wherever we can comes as second nature.

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We Are Your Team

Nextpoint’s strength is in helping their clients to improve their business and move their products into the market. Our user centered designs and collaborative workspaces make for happier users, developers, and most of all clients.