The Project

Hospital Data Management

AvaSure’s ORNA technology gives hospitals better tools for patient monitoring and accident prevention. Nextpoint stepped in to provide better ways to display the data ORNA collects to prove the device’s effectiveness at reducing falls and lowering time to intervention.

It’s important for us to understand our client’s business and their vision. Their goals become our goals as we strive to empower them with our expertise to overcome obstacles, both big and small.

Digital medical monitor in room with patient
Medical dashboard UI
Digital medical chart UI

Nextpoint Key Services

UX Design

UI Design

Information Architecture

Innovation Consulting

Design System Creation

The Problem

Reducing Risk, Increasing Efficiency

ORNA’s true product offering is ultimately the care and safety of at-risk patients. Every hospital is different, facing different problems and serving different demographics. ORNA needed to be adaptable, so no matter the population of the hospital, users are able to compare the most relevant data to improve injury statistics.

The Solution

Visualizing Outcomes

AvaSure needed robust data visualization to monitor overall safety and ORNA’s effectiveness in the hospital. We created an all-new design system to clearly represent hospital data and designed a dashboard so monitors could get important information at a glance. This dashboard also gave users a way to track and compare historical data to show how their hospitals are improving over time.

The Results

Collaboration Gets Results

Paired with ORNA’s robust monitoring capabilities, the newly designed digital dashboard greatly improved visibility and effectiveness. Collaboration is a key part of our process, so we worked alongside AvaSure every step of the way to ensure we were meeting the needs of both patient-care specialists and hospital monitors.

AvaSure AvaSys Hospital Metrics