The Project

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Audio Visualizer

Founder Tim Murphy had the idea for Audio Radar when he played Call of Duty with the volume off. He experienced how critical audio was when it wasn’t there and, having people in his life who were d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing, Tim realized a whole community of gamers were missing out. Tim created Audio Radar to turn surround sound into ‘surround vision’, greatly increasing accessibility and inclusivity for d/Deaf and hard of hearing gamers.

It’s important for us to understand our client’s business and their vision. Their goals become our goals as we strive to empower them with our expertise to overcome obstacles, both big and small.

User Experience Flow Map Audio Radar
Gaming peripheral in use
Gaming peripheral in use

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UI Design

The Problem

The Full Cycle

We supported Audio Radar from the early stages – from initial concepts and crowdfunding, through UX iteration and documentation, all the way to user manuals. Audio Radar’s biggest challenge came from its nature as a physical device with limited room for change. The UI was rigid, and we needed to create a smooth experience for many buttons, dials, customization options, and complex navigation logic—all without software or a screen.

The Solution

Making Every Change Count

After a detailed audit and mapping of Audio Radar’s initial prototype, we began to refine the device’s interactions. We made a digital prototype to give us an idea of how the final hardware would feel and function, then defined modes, interaction behaviors, hardware lighting, customization pathways, and other features. After several periods of work with Audio Radar, we had a refined experience and even complete user manuals. We continue to work with Audio Radar on future features to increase accessibility and ease of use.

The Results

A Device for All

Our passion for people and problem solving made it easy to be excited about Tim’s product vision and our background in industrial design made Nextpoint the right team to tackle Audio Radar’s hardware experience. We’re excited about our ongoing work with Audio Radar and the opportunity to be involved in the future of expanded accessibility for d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers.

Gaming peripheral in use