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The idea for Audio Radar came to AirDrop Gaming founder Tim Murphy when he attempted to play popular first-person shooter Call of Duty with the volume turned off. Quickly understanding that sound was essential to the gaming experience, Tim realized there was an unmet accessibility need for d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers. Using 7.1 stereo audio and sounds already built into modern video games, AirDrop Gaming began developing Audio Radar to promote accessibility and inclusivity in the gaming world.

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  • UX Design
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Information Architecture
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Wireframing
  • Rebrand
  • UI Design
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Launching Inclusive Technology

With Nextpoint’s help, AirDrop launched a successful IndieGoGo campaign to bring their prototype into a real production device and noticed that the Audio Radar wasn’t only appealing to d/Deaf and hard of hearing gamers - gamers with full hearing also saw the benefits of being able to see the sound.

Device Layout User Control Mapping
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Mapping the Physical

Nextpoint’s roots in industrial and product design helped us take the Audio Radar hardware, iterate on and design its complex web of interactions and controls, and ultimately provide a product that promotes accessibility and also has functions and cool-factor for a wide variety of customers.

"Nextpoint Design got us out of a pinch and delivered excellent marketing assets."

- Tim Murphy, Founder - Airdrop Gaming

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Making Every Change Count

Nextpoint started with a thorough UX audit of the original Audio Radar prototype, understanding the form of the device as well as its functionality. Consisting of a control deck and six light bars, Audio Radar configuration options are many and varied. With the time constraints that come with manufacturing a physical product for IndieGoGo backers, we needed to make sure we accounted for all the possibilities with as few changes to the hardware as possible. We created detailed journey maps and device flows to map out all the ways gamers could use Audio Radar and we helped define how all the knobs and buttons would interact with the light bars and the game.

User Experience Flow Map Audio Radar
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Accessibility is for Everyone

Through this iteration, we designed new lighting patterns and defined how users could customize the lighting to fit their needs. We defined the process for saving presets and even helped implement a “streamer mode” to broaden the appeal of the device. When you design for accessibility, you make a better product for everyone; even though d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers were still our primary audience, Audio Radar became a cool gadget that could benefit anyone in a variety of ways.

Audio Radar Accessibility Design
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