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Deck Designer Case Study

Client: PontoonStuff

DeckMate, owner of PontoonStuff, was founded on the idea that restoring your boat should be affordable and straightforward. DeckMate gives you all the tools you need to rebuild your boat with industry-leading seating, flooring, and parts.

DeckMate puts customers first, which keeps their customers coming back for more. This priority has kept DeckMate focused on innovation in their products, physical goods, and online experience.


  • UX Design
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Information Architecture
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Wireframing
  • Rebranding
  • UI Design
  • Front / Backend Development


Creating the Vision

DeckMate wanted a new experience for their customers while shopping at PontoonStuff.com. Visualizing your pontoon redesign is complicated enough on its own, but making sure that everything will fit can add an extra layer of difficulty – especially when shopping online.

DeckMate wanted to make it easy. We proposed a drag and drop pontoon “Deck Designer” to fully help users design or update an old pontoon. It needed to handle an extensive product database, variants for size, color, and more, and allow shoppers to checkout directly from the editor.


Setting a Direction

DeckMate has been in business for over 20 years. We leveraged their years of experience and interviewed the team to understand their customers’ common scenarios while restoring a Pontoon.

DeckMate’s customers love DIY and prefer doing their own work when possible. However, dealing with a product online can add new possibilities for error, leading to returns and delayed projects. We designed a modular tool to help users envision, design, and purchase their dream boat layout, and get it right without hassle.

Understanding your users and their needs can make all the difference.


The Crossroads

A core part of our process is iteration, which helps us implement new ideas and paradigms as we work through what is and is not possible on a given platform.

We worked closely with DeckMate to work through the possibilities within a web platform. We iterated through several layouts and ideas until we had an MVP.


Charting a Path

Knowing that DeckMate plans to expand on their product offerings, we built their app to accommodate growth and, since launch, we’ve added several new collections and items to the Deck Designer. Growth is an essential part of business, and while we learn about your project, we take extra steps to keep your company aware of what’s ahead.

This agility also allowed us to release a 2.0 version shortly after, helping DeckMate stay one step ahead of their market and competitors.


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