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IOT App Case Study

Client: Gentex

The auto industry continues to innovate as it moves into the future, adapting to new scenarios while maintaining safe driving experiences. Gentex stays on the cutting edge by transforming technologies into relevant products for the everyday consumer.

IOT was the next step for improving a user's automotive experience by allowing them to control their home using HomeLink technology. Providing strategy, design, and implementation support, our team was able to create a consistent and effortless user experience.


  • User Research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Persona Development
  • Use Case Visualization
  • Information Architecture
  • Design System Creation
  • Visual Brand Language
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • UI Transitions/Animations
  • Design Flows/Specs
  • Graphic Exports
  • Launch Support


Existing Tech, New Purpose

Gentex’s vision was to modernize HomeLink by integrating smart home control through their state of the art rear-view mirrors and infotainment systems integrations.  To bring HomeLink into the future they needed a design team who understood digital experiences and the connection of mobile apps, IOT, and embedded infotainment systems.

Customer Experience

People, Smart Homes, & IOT

We established a UX strategy to give users a simple, understandable experience, despite the complexity on the backend. We defined personas on a scale from novice to expert tinkerer. This allowed us to keep focus on our primary users when we reached difficult decision points. The smart home industry is expansive and connected products don’t always work together. This created a complicated design and development environment. To manage some of this complexity, we laid out unique workflows to allow users easy control of routines from a simple in-vehicle interaction.

"The combination between their amazing creativity on the UI/UX front and their ability to quickly understand and adapt to our technology problems is outstanding."


Expanding on What's Possible

When working with apps, design and development work is never truly complete. As the smart home industry grows and expands, we have continued working with Gentex on further iterations of HomeLink — maintaining the overall user experience while updating features and functionality. Most recently, we implemented new workflows for conditional triggers, allowing users to launch unique routines specific to the time of day.


Engaging with Development

Great design is the roadmap for a successful experience, but requires a team to implement and bring into reality. We collaborated closely with Gentex’s development team and smart home partners, providing guidance and agile reviews as we worked through problem areas. We delivered iterative solutions to issues as they arose, adjusting the design to accommodate for anything that would prevent a best-in-class user experience.

Additionally, we provided screen examples, flow maps, and other documentation on how the users would be onboarded, connected to a car, and set up to create their ideal actions. To help development agility, we delivered a stream of assets and specs in real time, allowing quick implementation of new iterations.


We Are Your Team

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